Engineering Emporium Chain Reaction Kit

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 Engineering Emporium Chain Reaction Kit

    • Engineered Chain Reaction Booklet (x1)
    • Custom 3D Printed Lever and Fulcrum (x1)
    • Twine (x1)
    • Hot Wheels cars (x3)
    • How Wheels Track Long (x10)
    • How Wheels Track Short (x4)
    • How Wheels Track Connectors (x14)
    • Tin Pail (x2)
    • Rubber Band Ball (x1)
    • Wooden Dominoes (x100)
    • Balloons (x12)
    • Pulley (x2)
    • Notched Popsicle Sticks (x200)
    • Jumbo Popsicle Sticks (x12)
    • Duct Tape (x1)
    • Sticky Tack - 80 Tabs (x1)
    • Engineering Notebook (x1)
    • Engineering Drafting Pencil (x1)
    • Kid-Friendly Scissors (x1)
    • Marbles (x15)
    • Slinky (x1)
    • Dowel Rods (x4)
    • Flexible Plastic Ruler (x1)
    • Wooden Wheels (x4)
    • Pipe Cleaners (x8)
    • Golf Balls (x1)
    • Clothespins (x4)

      (Approximate values - may not exact)

      Engineering Emporium Chain Reaction Kit

      The Engineering Emporium Chain Reaction Kit is an educational and fun kit designed to encourage hands-on learning and problem-solving skills. This kit is ideal for teaching concepts of physics, fostering creativity, and providing a practical understanding of various scientific principles. It comes with a specially designed booklet and worksheets that align with educational standards, making it suitable for both classroom and home use.

       What is the point of this kit?

      We believe in "learning by doing". By using this kit students learn how to solve complex problems and troubleshoot.

      How can this Engineering Emporium ™ Chain Reaction Kit be used for educational purposes?

      We understand that many teachers have strict guidelines they have to follow. This site offers free worksheets that relate to many curriculum including motion & force, the scientific method, simple machines and gravity. For more flexible curriculum, there is the Rube Goldberg machine steps worksheet where you can draw out each step of your chain reaction.

      What is a Rube Goldberg Machine?

      A Rube Goldberg machine is a mechanism made up of simple parts that work together in a chain reaction to accomplish a simple task at the end. They require creativity, ingenuity, and physics! 

      Why get this kit?

      This chain reaction kit demonstrates many different concepts of physics. We students at Iowa State University, developed worksheets and a booklet that work together to facilitate learning while having fun! This kit is ideal for introducing and reinforcing a basic understanding of physics as well as providing many hours of creativity. Become passionate for STEM!


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