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Engineering Emporium™ Chain Reaction Kit

Engage children in their own exploration and creative development with our chain reaction kit

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What is a Rube Goldberg Machine?

A Rube Goldberg machine is a mechanism made up of simple parts that work together in a chain reaction to accomplish a simple task at the end. They require creativity, ingenuity, and physics! Here is a popular example from YouTube! (with the consent of the creator).

Why should you get this STEM kit?

The Engineering Emporium Chain Reaction Kit demonstrates many different concepts of physics. We, mechanical engineering students at Iowa State University, engineered custom parts and wrote a booklet that work together to facilitate learning and guarantee a lot of fun! The booklet contains many lessons that build upon the parts included in the kit. This Engineering Emporium Chain Reaction Kit is perfect for introducing and reinforcing a basic understanding of physics as well as providing many hours of fun and creativity. Become passionate for STEM!

What's included in the kit?

Click here to go to the product page. All information you need can be found there including a list of everything included!

What are some examples Rube Goldberg Machines?

Pool Party Machine Rube Goldberg machine - chain reaction video

Smash Subscribe Machine Rube Goldberg machine - reaction machine

Trickshot tricks shot video - Rube Goldberg machine

 Line Rider abstract example- chain reaction

The Lucky Yellow Marble: marble through magnetic path - Rube Goldberg machine

Self-Assembling Pixel Art: marble mechanism - Rube Goldberg Machine

Rube Goldberg Evolution: is good example of a step by step of setting up Rube Goldberg

Engineering Emporium™

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