The Top 5 Insane Rube Goldberg Machines Made With Everyday Things

The Top 5 Insane Rube Goldberg Machines Made With Everyday Things 

By: Engineering Emporium: Maker of the Chain Reaction Kit

Engineering Emporium has scoured the internet and compiled what we believe are the best Rube Goldberg Machines ever built. We used the following criteria to rank machines:

  • Creativity
    • Did the machine use unique ideas that we've never seen before?
  • Complicated
    • The best Rube Goldberg Machines are the most unnecessarily complicated
  • The End
    • How satisfying was the end? What did the machine "accomplish". 

With these criteria in mind, I introduce the top 5 Rube Goldberg Machines that shouldn't even exist: 

5. The Pool Party

By Sprice Machines: Subscribe to Sprice Machines

This video gets the number 5 spot because the very unique interaction the machine makers played in the video. They were effectively part of the machine! Very cool. 

4. The Trick Shot

By Creezy: Subscribe to Creezy
This Rube Goldberg Machine is impressive... and funny, a unique combination. This trick shot earns the number 4 for two reasons:
1. The tape measure is so unique and awesome!
2. The ending was unexpected and clever!


3. Photography?

By: 2D House: Subscribe to 2D House
This Rube Goldberg Machine made the 3rd place slot because it made me go, "wow! what???". What a creative idea! I also loved this video because I can only imagine the procrastination that must have been going on in this photography studio that resulted in such a cool Rube Goldberg Machine! 


2. Cake!

By Joseph's Machines: Subscribe to Joseph's Machines
Amazing to say the least. This machine deserves number 2 for so many reasons! Here's a few: the toddler and the phone, the wooden wheel, the chandelier, the precise timing with everything! Incredible. Give it a watch. 


1. Just Follow the Blue Ball

By Creezy: Subscribe to Creezy

Behold: the number one Rube Goldberg Machine. All you have to do is follow the blue ball, simple enough. Which blue ball was it again? I see the yellow ball. 

The blue ball starts and stops numerous times while other balls move. Yet, the same blue ball always comes back around from the beginning to the end of the video. A unique and impressive machine!


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